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All free Akashic Records readings are going to happen here!


The Akasha Project is going to be much more.

But that part is yet to be revealed!.

For now, it will be the Free Akashic Records Readings. Once everything is ready for these readings, you will receive an email to sign up for one. Pretty much the same way it was over

Make sure to sign up for the mailing list for these free readings, other goodies and the most important of all… Once Tha Akasha Project births, you will have your mind blown!
These free readings are scheduled to start 2018 TBA.
You can check the blog post where these are taking place (Wave #5 is closed, wave #6 will be opened and connected here) clicking right here (with over two-thousand replies!)
Please, do not e-mail me or message me for free readings, you will need to join the line. Like a regular human being, I am aswell limited by time.  Make sure to stay updated!
Fernando Albert

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